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Flying is the most adventurously state of the art experience you can indulge in. If you are not a trained pilot then the closest you can get to flying is lay your hands on a flight simulator. You can become a virtual aviator with flight simulator games. It is true that many flight simulator games in the past have been lackluster and rather unrealistic. That has changed.

Flight Simulator 2017

Evolution in visual effects and a multitude of changes in gaming technology have helped usher in an era when flight simulator games have become as real as they can get. Even trained pilots with years of flying experience love flight simulator games. From maneuvers that they cannot indulge in while flying a real plane to embarking on adventures without a flight plan, there is a gamut of unparalleled fun waiting for you.

• Now you can indulge in realistic flying experiences exploring breathtaking scenery designed to replicate actual terrain while trying more than a hundred aircrafts and travelling to more than twenty thousand actual airports around the world. You can fly the 1903 Wright Flyer or the fiercest military fighter jets. You can depart from an airport in Europe and land somewhere in Asia. You can fly over desert, ocean, mountain and scale high up to thirty two thousand feet which is where the commercial airliners tread and even higher with some special aircrafts presently used by the militaries of different countries.


ProFlightSimulator will take you on an adventure that you have never embarked upon before. You would explore real terrains like never before, you would experience aircraft reactions that have not been felt in any simulator till date and from planetary alignments to actual movements based on real world data will make your flying experience as authentic as it can get in a simulated environment. The cockpit controls, the flight dynamics, lighting and instruments, everything has been designed exactly as they are in the real world.

• ProFlightSimulator allows you to use state of the art technology and there is an option to fly the old school way. You can learn to navigate as flyers or pilots did half a century back. You can have most of your flying automated if you want to enjoy the ride. While everything can be a cakewalk, you would also be surprised with system and instrument failures as they would and do happen in real flights. You would be mistaken to consider this a more advanced child’s play as the challenges are very real and completely based on actual incidents that have been recorded over the hundred year history of flying.

• The foundation of this flight simulator is unmatched. The terrain database is updated regularly. The data is sourced from Defense Mapping Agency of the United States. And just when you think this is just a game you should know that there are live training platforms for aspiring pilots. There are alternative training simulators for professional pilots. The real weather, the real challenges and the authentic flying experience have allowed the simulator to play a role in the certification process at the simulation level for FAA compliant programs. You would love the real experiences of a soaring aircraft through wind, hail, snow and rain. You would also be stunned with lightning. There are actual time zones too so no hanky-panky with continuity or time loops there.

• Fly an A380, get into multiplayer mode, keep exploring new destinations and continue to enjoy latest updates for free over a period of five years. In addition to the various airbuses, jets and fighter planes, you get to try helicopters. The flying experience involves the whole process including communicating with the ATC, rolling from the gates to the runways, taking off to the sky and landing on allotted tracks, parking wherever instructed and taking to the taxi, dealing with various requests and clearances to managing incidents in the air. Even the lighting at night is as authentically represented as possible. You would actually see well lit cities, skylines, high rises, headlights of cars on freeways and every other major source of light that a pilot encounters.

Flight simulation has never been so fun and challenging yet satiating and realistic as this. The instruments behave as they do aboard a real airbus or jet, military aircraft or helicopter. The lag is real, the gyro drift is impeccably modeled and calibrated, the magnetic compass is actually influenced by body forces aboard the aircraft, there are system failure simulations wherein incidents are recreated with unmatched accuracy and you get spellbinding three dimensional views of the cockpit and from the cockpit. The gaming software is integrated with Google Maps in real time. The game has support for multiple monitors. Detailed records of your flights and flying accomplishments are stored for further analysis. You can playback your flights to enjoy your feat. You may sit back and relax with autopilot or you can try refueling while in the air with the help of two tanker aircrafts.

• ProFlightSimulator works on Mac and Windows. The least you need is Windows XP. Controller and hardware support is available for Mac. You can use various types of controllers with this game including foot pedals, yoke, throttle and even all in one unit. The game has been played by more than thirteen thousand people. More than a hundred and fifty thousand hours of flying have been clocked on ProFlightSimulator.


You can compare the features, flying experience and reviews of ProFlightSimulator will all other games. You can compare compatibility, the quality of updates and the sheer gamut of diverse challenges that ensure you would have a unique flying experience every time you take the pilot’s seat. There is no other flight simulator game that comes even close to the realistic, challenging, complicated but easy, fun filled and state of the art flying simulation experience offered by ProFlightSimulator. The game has been in the making for more than a decade and the outcome is more than satiating.

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